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Mini PBX
The PBX system installation need usually occurs at a certain stage of business development, when the company is required to organize an internal telephone connection between jobs and use of existing urban lines more efficient. Modern office PBX can serve up to several hundred internal lines, offering customers high-quality communications and optimizing the external lines use.
Almost all the mini PBX have a modular structure, allowing the installation of card expansion. Users can build capacity and functionality of the system, depending on the organization needs.
Micro PBX installed in homes, apartments, small offices, where several telephones are connected to one external line. With small size and low cost micro-pbx allow more subscribers to enjoy the comfort of a telephone line without impeding each other. Micro PBX
The computer telephone systems introduction in the enterprise can reduce the loss of time associated with the transmission of information to employees, regardless of their use of the moment the communication device. This saves time, improves control over the cost of electronic communications, reduces the loss of important information and increases the speed of decision-making. Unified communications provide a greater integration of resources and communication channels with key business processes of the company. The effect of the use of unified telephone systems is expressed in the productivity of each employee, to streamline business processes and, consequently, to improve the overall performance of the company.
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