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Refurbished & rare » LG GHX-616

  • Initial configuration 3x8
  • Maximum configuration 6 ports
  • External lines 6
  • Internal abonents 16
  • Dimensions (mm): 547 x 417 x 135
  • GHX-616

    Hybrid PBX GHX-616 is designed for use as office PBX in organizations that use up to 6 lines of urban and 16 internal subscribers.

    The station is made in the form of a flat metal case for wall mounting, and allows you to connect the emergency battery power needed to maintain the system in case of failure in the mains.

    The entire memory system, GHX-616 consists of ROM capacity of 192 Kbytes and 32 Kbytes of RAM capacity. RAM conventionally divided in such a way that part of it is used as the working area of the processor, and a part - for the storage of database system. To ensure the energy independence of system databases using lithium batteries. ROM installed on the panel, which facilitates the transition to a later version of the software.

    Main functions:

  • Conference Call
  • UCD - group of subscribers automatic call distribution
  • Appointment of various classes of service for domestic issues
  • Pay calls limiting
  • The call interception, transfer or parking
  • DISA - external caller can access internal pbx features on certain lines by keying in a special code
  • Automatic incoming calls distribution

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