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Siemens HiPath 1100 platform - a modern digital station, which connects to the telephone public network for analog and digital connection lines. There are three modifications: HiPath 1120, HiPath 1130, HiPath 1150, which the user can choose the most convenient for him configuration - two outside lines and six persons in the minimum version to ten external analog lines and fifty customers in the form "maximum" (with Given card expansion).

The HiPath 1100 provides for the establishment of optional channels. For example, when setting fees ADSL users will be available to high-speed Internet. The module includes ADSL-modem, firewall, router and Ethernet-hub for 4 ports. You can connect an external device for playing music in standby mode, an add-on fax of recognition signals, a USB port for high-speed data transmission.

Using ISDN are available for such functions HiPath 1100, as the channel ISDN-number caller (CLIP), the suppression of the transfer of ISDN-Calling / Calls (CLIR / COLR), direct internal recruitment (DID), multiple subscriber numbers ( MSN), etc. This communication platform offers users a wide range of services, integration with IP-networks and work with applications. HiPath 1100 installation and administration are implemented using the Windows Service Tool, which can be updated from Internet. Personal computer or telephone system use to manage platform settings.

Siemens platform are relatively small dimensions and weight. The HiPath 1120 power supply outside, in other cases it is located inside the shell.

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