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DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) as a standart was adopted on 8 years ago, and since has been the way of new items to the standard, has received the widest dissemination in the world. Now DECT is used in more than 100 countries around the world, and in Germany 80% of people using DECT phones.

Security is one of the major advantages of DECT. DECT radio makes virtually impossible invisibly connecting.

DECT base station covering is from 50 meters indoor to 300 meters in the open. Each base station covers a space, and by combining several bases, it is possible to cover the desired area. It's important the transition from base to base occurs without breaking connection.
Eline TEL-8212, Eline TEL-8224

There are two models: Eline TEL-8212 and Eline TEL-8224. Both models connect up to 12 and 24 mobile subscribers, respectively, through the use of up to 3 to 6 and the base station Eline TEL 8110. The system works as a "hinged" to the PBX equipment, so suited to all types and kinds of stations, regardless of their status and age. Mounting through "cross", also allows parralel phones, allows (if necessary) to use one number for wired and DECT-phone.

Minimum installation and passive equipment in the form of wires and boxes - one of the major advantages of Eline Micro Systems. This allows you to install these systems in almost any space, and even open spaces, especially where previously there were problems with the cables.

high degree of compatibility of communications equipment (with adequate specifications GAP) allows the subscriber to use the equipment for third-maximum convenience to users.

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